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Those who believe it cannot be done, should not interfere with those doing it already!” By 


AJ Kulatunga is a Young Entrepreneur and Youth Motivational Speaker who has inspired and motivated 1000s of cool young people with the Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! message all over the world.

His talks are informative, entertaining and challenge audiences to protect their dreams and turn them into reality.

AJ’s inspirational story stems from being constantly surrounded with negativity.  His special techniques in dealing with negativity and unique philosophies on life help him move forward to conquer his goals and ultimately led him to transform his dreams into reality.

AJ Kulatunga Young Achiever of the YearIn 2008 he was named NT Young Achiever of the Year for giving up full time employment to follow his dream of running his own business at the young age of 23 and compete with big corporations who had 20 or 30 years more experience than him.

In each presentation AJ shares his story about how life’s little “surprises” kept popping up and how he developed special techniques to keep dealing with them and pressing forward with his goals.  Audiences learn these same techniques and how to apply them in order to overcome the challenges in their own lives. They learn how to Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! to turn their own dreams into reality.

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AJ specialises in connecting with youth from a variety of backgrounds including:

—- Young Professionals

—- Recent Graduates

—- Middle school students

—- High school students

—- Final year university/college students looking to commence work

—- Youth Committees

—- Organisations looking for an inspiring and engaging Youth Speaker



Youth Motivation Speaking Options

“Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!” can be delivered to your audience in a variety of ways. We have three options to suit your budget and your needs.

*Keynote only

*Keynote + Ongoing Training Resources

*Keynote + Ongoing Training Resources + Workshop

AJ flies from Melbourne, Australia and all options include speaker fees + flights, accommodation and transfers.


Youth Motivational Presentations & Workshops

$200 and A Ferrari  Keynote Speech (15-30mins or 60 mins):
How does a 23 year old kid start a consulting firm and compete with people who have 20 or 30 more years experience than him? This is the full story of the path that led AJ to give up secure full time employment and chase his dream of running his own business. The highs. The lows. The secrets of succeeding in entrepreneurship.

3 C’s to Career Success Keynote Presentation (30-60 mins):
If you want your Young Professionals to become more valuable in their career, you’ll definitely want to learn AJ’s 3 C’s to Career Success. It’s the exact same insider secrets that AJ used to become the NT Young Achiever of the Year.


Ultimate Goal Setting Workshop (1 hour):

In this workshop, participants use AJ’s “Ultimate Goal Setting”  technique where he demonstrates how to take your dream, break it down into goals and ultimately condense it into a daily todo list to help you achieve your dreams. It’s based on years of studying high achievers and peak performance coaches such as Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins, and is the same process that AJ uses to achieve his goals time and time again.

Dreams to Dollars Workshop (1.5 hours):
In this workshop, participants learn about entrepreneurship and that ANY idea can be turned into a money making venture, provided you know how to take down the barriers. AJ takes the kids through the idea generation process, and then uses his entrepreneurship model to develop those ideas into money making initiatives.
Dreams to Dollars Video


Customised Presentations:
If you value flexibility in your speakers to develop a presentation more suited towards your event theme, AJ is more than happy to sit down with you and work out how to tailor the Dream,Build,Inspire,Lead! message to suit your organisation.



Emma Wight from Charles Darwin University lets you know what it’s like to work with Youth Motivational Speaker – AJ Kulatunga and how he motivates and inspires students to make CDU Year 10 Career Day a success:

Maria and Helen from Protypo Greek School share why they booked AJ to make their event a success:


Previous Clients

AJ has shared the Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! message all around the world and as worked with the following organisations to inspire and motivate their audiences:

– SCF Group

—- Fujitsu

—- Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation

—- Australian Computer Society

—- yLead

—- Awards Australia

—- Charles Darwin University

—- Deakin University

—- NT Department of Education

—- NT Department of Business and Employment

—- Nightcliff Middle School

—- Taminmin Middle School

—- Essington School

—- Casuarina Senior College


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